A piercing and inspiring true-life account of a self-less woman who impacted every single acquaintance she had in her life, We Never Danced relates the life of Patsy Ruth “Cline” Humphrey who devoted her time for others as a steadfast disciple of God.

Cline was born in West Virginia and raised in Dallas, Texas, from her junior high years, graduating from Sunset High School in 1953. From the time she married her husband until her departure from this earth, she was noted for several things in her life. Although she was crippled and suffered pain from rheumatoid arthritis for the last thirty-two years, prayer was a major part of her life, whether it was private time or ministering to others. She should be remembered primarily for all of her Christian outreaches through her mentoring to so many young women across the United States and on the island of Okinawa. Being a mother was a first priority, but reaching out to so many young women was very important during her lifetime. And in her latter days, time spent with all the nurses who worked with her was more than just the medical care she received, but the prayers and mentoring she provided the nurses. Prayer was that special gift that God gave to her, and she used that gift very well over her entire life on this earth.

Cline passed away on January 24, 2013 at the age of 77.

Written by her husband Carroll Elton “Rusty” Humphrey, this incisive story attests that a life bound by prayers and faithfulness is one worthy of emulation.